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Arte's Den

Litha; Crystal Healing Mandala Workshop

Litha; Crystal Healing Mandala Workshop

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Litha; Crystal Healing Mandala Workshop

This is an in-person workshop hosted in Doncaster, DN12; please do not buy this service if you are unable to make the circle in person on the day.

During this session, we sit in circle as a group and open a sacred circle. This workshop entails creating a circle, or mandala which represent our inner selves. 

This is a beautiful opportunity to combine the cycle of the seasons and honour ourselves through this healing practice. Each new season brings with it changes; this can be in the literal sense but also the metaphorical; the changes within ourselves. As such, you are welcome back throughout the year, should you wish to do so, to keep taking part and seeing your inner changes in your mandalas. You are also welcome to any as a one-off.

The circle we create is sacred and creates a safe space for us to explore our inner selves. As we work on our mandalas, we tap into our creativity and intuition. It allows us to express ourselves in a non-judgmental environment and connect with our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Through this practice, we can gain insights into ourselves and our innermost desires and needs which we have very often suppressed and ignored.

The mandala we create is a visual representation of our intentions and desires. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and power within us; it can be like holding up a mirror to yourself and really seeing what is required staring back at you.

This session has a theme of Litha, the Summer Solstice; a time of strength, success, warmth, abundance and a promise of what's to come.

If you are new to this practice, don't worry. Arte will guide you through the process, and you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with the group if you're happy to. We encourage you to approach this workshop with an open mind and heart, and allow yourself to be present in the moment.

We often take inspiration from outside in nature and bring that inside to work into our mandala if that is what we are called to do at the time. As such, prior to the workshop, please feel free to gather some natural resources such as leaves; feathers; stones etc and bring those along with you as we will be combining these with drawings, doodles, paint, crystals, string etc into our very own unique circles or mandalas which are representations of our inner selves; our own inner circles.

Please do not say “Oh I’d love to, but I’m not very creative!” “I can’t draw!” – this isn’t about that, at all! Our mandala is not meant to be a beautiful, creative piece or aesthetically pleasing artwork. Of course, the outcome may be something beautiful, but that’s not necessarily the goal. It is just meant to be true and a reflection of our inner season at that moment in time.

Once the mandalas have been created, we’ll pause for some refreshments and cake. You’ll be given the opportunity to journal on what has come up for you during the session and be given prompts on things to ponder further on.

You will then be guided through the analysis of your mandalas; here we often find that some people experience all sorts of emotions and can end up in tears as their mandala speaks to them and reflects back to them what they need to hear and see. Sometimes it can be euphoric, too as it's a confirmation that your inner and outer selves are aligned and flowing. Healing can sometimes be uncomfortable, it can sometimes hurt a lot - it is also not linear. We're here to do the work though regardless of that, are you? 

Time allowing, we'll finish off with a guided meditation and close the circle before you go on your way.

Provided at the workshop:

  • Refreshments
  • Cakes, biscuits
  • A journal
  • Paper
  • Pens, pencils, pastels, paints to use on the day
  • String and ribbon to use on the day
  • Crystals to use on the day (you are able to choose to buy them separately, subject to availability)
  • Company; a warm smile, a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on and a safe space for sharing if you wish to do so

This workshop is hosted and led by Arte's Den.

£20.00 pp and spaces are limited to 6 so it's a small group. If you'd like to commission your own group booking at a time to suit you (and location where possible), please get in touch so we can have a natter and work out the details

We look forward to sitting with you in circle.

More about Mandalas and Mandala Therapies

The word mandala means "circle" in Sanskrit. Mandalas are found in various places all over the world such as India, Tibet and China and play an important role for Hindus and Buddhists. A circle is considered a sacred form as it has no beginning nor end.

Carl Jung (a Swiss psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and founder of analytical psychology) stated that mandalas were the “archetypes of wholeness”. Jung observed that:

  • When making a mandala, it was a representation of that person as a whole in that moment
  • The process of making a mandala presented the opportunity for inner understanding and wholeness
  • Making mandalas had a calming and focusing effect

Mandala therapy is now a widely used tool amongst psychologists and art therapists.


Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A: No, just your lovely self! Given the time of year, we won't be walking around to collect leaves etc, so please do feel free to bring those natural resources along with you if you wish to do so.

Q: Do I need to be good at art or be creative?

A: Absolutely not! This isn’t about creating an art piece; it’s about creating something real. Of course, the outcome may be something beautiful, but that’s not necessarily the goal.

Q: Will I get to keep my mandala?

A: You may keep the paper it was on, but as it's a 3D piece that is not glued down, it will be taken apart again once you have sat with it, contemplated its wisdom and analysed it. For Buddhists, mandalas are traditionally destroyed upon completion to serve as a reminder of the impermanence of life. 

Q: Can I bring along my child?

A: Babes in arms are fine (pre crawlers) but I’m afraid that this session is not child friendly due to too many small items which are easy to choke on; we're also aiming for a calmer setting.

Q: I'm anxious, neurodiverse or have another consideration; can I contact you for more information so I know better what to expect?

A: Of course! Please e-mail us at or contact us via instagram or facebook if that's your preference, and we'll be happy to chat you through in more detail what to expect and answer any questions you may have.

Address and Parking

The address will be provided in advance of the workshop; please check your e-mails. We are located in Conisbrough which is Doncaster, DN12, but on the edge of Rotherham. 


Please note that access to the property is up some steps and is not accessible for wheelchairs. If you struggle with steps, please do let me know as you can use the back door. The toilet is located upstairs. For anyone with allergies, we also have a cat who will not be in the room at the time.

Any further questions? Please pop an email to

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