Autumnal Musings

Autumnal Musings

As I sat at my desk eating some soup to warm up after a gorgeous autumnal walk, I felt like turning on the computer to write.

Autumn is my favourite season and October is my favourite month within that, too, so I’m feeling pretty at home and in-flow at the moment!

Looking around at all the leaves turning gorgeous yellows, oranges, red and browns; it’s a beautiful piece of artwork handcrafted by Gaia herself and it brings me immense joy.

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”

During this season, we are reminded about the beauty of letting things go; the trees do not become “less than”, just because they lose their leaves. There is beauty there if we choose to see it and if we open ourselves up to it.

What is holding you back now? What are you clinging onto that would be so freeing if you could just let it go?

I was reminded on the walk about obstacles, perceived or actual, that can lay ahead of us, directly in our path and how we can choose to navigate them.

On the walk, there were several deep, muddy patches on the dirt path but with careful negotiation and with a disregard for getting a bit mucky, they were easily overcome.

Further down the path there was a very large, fallen tree blocking the path. Had I been alone, this obstacle could have been easily overcome by crawling underneath it or heading off the path and climbing over it; however I was with a friend who had their baby snuggled sleepily in a sling. Could they have gotten around the tree? Yes, they could have, but it would have been tricky and it could have woken up the baby in the process so we decided to go a different way.

The walk ended up being perfectly timed by not taking that path with the fallen tree, as we got back to our starting point as my friend’s alarm rang to remind her to pick her little one up from nursery and the baby had almost finished their feed.

Sometimes, perceived hurdles, obstacles and blockages are there to guide us in their own way; perhaps that way is shut off to us right now because we need it to be, even if we don’t know why at the time.

Today I am grateful for having the health to be able to go on an autumnal walk with a friend without having to worry too much about accessibility for either of us; for having a working car that got me there and the money to fill it; for slings that enable walks off the beaten track and for the snuggles that they facilitate; for friends; for flasks and shared herbal teas sat on fallen trees; for conversation; for waterfalls and the sound that they produce; for the seasons and the wisdom that they bring alongside the encouragement to change, to grow, to adapt; for carnelian and moonstone for helping me this morning (great for menstruation!) and for you all for reading this blog. 

With Blessings and deep gratitude,

Arte (they/them)

Arte’s Den

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