A Bit About Arte's Den

Arte's Den is run by Arte (aka Abby), a neurodiverse, queer, nonbinary (they/them) person who loves all things crystal, energy healing and anything witchy and "woo". Crystals and energy work in and of itself never ceases to amaze them and they feel like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to seeing it work in real time. 

Although Arte has received formal training (which is, as always, ongoing!) they do rely heavily on their intuition to guide them and to walk alongside you and be your guide. Arte uses a combination of their hands, energy, wands and pendulums during sessions as well as an array of crystals, depending on what is called for in the moment.

Arte is the one you will see on social media and who will be responding to your queries as well as facilitating the healing sessions. 

Arte is supported by their partner, Mark (he/him), who is an Ovate following the Druid path. You can follow Mark's Druidry journey here, if that's your cup of tea.

Arte's Den is an inclusive, safe space. We are not only LGBTQIA+ friendly, we enthusiastically welcome all LGBTQIA+ people with open arms. We are a queer and neurodiverse owned business. 

If you require something in a different format or have access requirements that we may not have already met, please do e-mail us at contact@artesden.co.uk or you can use the contact form on the website or message over on instagram if that's easier for you.

Arte's qualifications:

  • Advanced Reiki
  • Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner 
  • Crystal Healing Diploma
  • Human Design Diploma (currently ongoing)
  • Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner® (trainee)


Some Arte facts for the curious, bored or nosey:

Drinker of herbal tea; fan of colourful hair; ever curious; bookworm; manga comics lover; creative writer; queer; nonbinary; neurodiverse - adhd; Aquarius; a collector of hobbies; doodler; fan of all things witchy and woo; Selenophile; dungaree devotee; an out-of-the-box thinker; singer; terrible dancer but doesn't care; an intersectional feminist; crochet lover; yarn collector (buying and using yarn are two separate hobbies, if you know, you know); partial to swearing; crystal aficionado; drumming enthusiast; textile art lover; tattooed and pierced; wild swimmer; photography fanatic and an all round busy bee. Often found barefoot in a woodland setting or in/near water.