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Leska Kerrek

Carved Antler Rune Pendant Necklace; Fehu

Carved Antler Rune Pendant Necklace; Fehu

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Introducing the beautiful handmade jewellery of Leska Kerrek. Leska Kerrek is made up of a Cornish couple; Shane and Hollie who hand craft pieces of jewellery from home near Penryn, Cornwall.

Handcarved Rune antler pendant necklace.

The cord is leather, 1.5mm thick, 1m long and tied into a sliding knot.
Comes in a black velvet pouch.

Because of the nature of handcarving real antler - sizes, colours and designs may slightly vary.

A note on the source of the antler:

These antlers have been sourced in Scotland from antlers which have been naturally shed. The bulk of the antlers are used for dog chews, but as the points are dangerous for dogs, Leska Kerrek then use those pointy bits to make their jewellery. 

The Fehu Rune; Appreciate your good fortune and receive all gifts with grace

Fehu, also know as Feoh or Fe.

A rune of prosperity and beginnings. 

In Norse mythology, Fehu is symbolically connected to one of the primal beings of the universe; the great cow Audhumla. Being the first rune, it is appropriately associated with beginnings. 

Fehu is associated with herds of cattle and as wealth used to be measured in terms of how many cows a person possessed, this rune is a symbol of prosperity.

The nature of Fehu is feminine and maternal. 

Rune letter and pronunciation


Symbolic Meanings

Prosperity, beginnings, cattle

Calendar Associations

September; Wood Moon

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