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Leska Kerrek

Carved Stone Rune Pendant Necklace; Algiz

Carved Stone Rune Pendant Necklace; Algiz

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Introducing the beautiful handmade jewellery of Leska Kerrek. Leska Kerrek is made up of a Cornish couple; Shane and Hollie who hand craft pieces of jewellery from home near Penryn, Cornwall.

Hand carved rune stone necklace with silver enamel inlay.

  • Leather cord is 1m long, 1.5mm thick and tied into a sliding knot necklace.
  • Pendant is attached to the cord by a copper plated hoop.
  • Includes a black velvet pouch.

Pieces are unique and may slightly differ in colour and size, as is the nature with hand carved natural stones.

The Algiz Rune; Let your self-regard be powerful magic

Algiz, also know as Eolh and Secg

A rune which is intimately connected with magical power. It would traditionally have been worn by those in need of protection or healing. Its power was considered to be so great that it was said to not only protect the wearer, but their family and friends, too. 

Rune letter and pronunciation


Symbolic Meanings

Self-interest and healing

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