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Celestial Art Prints

Celestial Art Prints

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These framed art prints showcasing 'The Moon' or 'The Sun', bring a touch of celestial magic to any space, blending mystical vibes with a calming colour palette.

'The Moon' is a serene illustration which invites calm; ideal for creating a tranquil corner in any home.

'The Sun' art print that radiates pure positivity and could brighten up any wall space. This playful and colourful illustration adds a cheerful vibe to any room, making it a delightful gift for those in search of creating a vibrant and happy space.

They are art pieces that combine modern trends with timeless warmth.

Please note that these do not have a glass/plastic front.

Price is per framed art print.

Approx: H35cm X W25cm X D2.2cm

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