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Chakra Charm Bracelets

Chakra Charm Bracelets

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Which Chakra are you working with at the moment?

Choose from seven designs: 

The Crown

'Universe, divinity, consciousness, source, presence & energy'. 

The Third Eye

'Intuition, psychic abilities, foresight, perception, vision'

The Throat 

'Communication, expression, clarity, truth, purpose'. 

The Heart

'Love, compassion, empathy, foregiveness, change'.

The Solar Plexus

 'Willpower, self-esteem, intellect, independence, responsibility'

The Sacral 

'Creativity, sexuality, feelings, emotions, pleasure'.

The Root

'Security, foundation, grounding, survival, stability'.

Nickel free. Please remove bracelet before showering or swimming. Please keep it away from harsh chemicals or perfumes.

Each bracelet approx: H1cm x W2.3cm x D0.8cm

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