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Chakra Crystal Set

Chakra Crystal Set

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The Chakra Crystal Set is a powerful tool for anyone looking to balance and align their chakras. The set includes seven different crystals, each corresponding to a different chakra in the body.

Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal for the Crown chakra, as it helps with spiritual growth and positivity. Amethyst is ideal for the 3rd Eye, as it is protective and enhances meditation. For the Throat chakra, Sodalite is the crystal of choice, as it encourages rational thought and truth. Green Aventurine is the crystal for the Heart chakra, as it comforts and heals the heart. Citrine is perfect for the Solar Plexus, as it promotes self-confidence and self-expression. Sunstone works well with the Sacral chakra, as it encourages joy and abundance; it heightens intuition and helps the lower chakras to release negativity and non-serving thought. Finally, Red Jasper is the ideal crystal for the Root chakra, as it is grounding and helps to detoxify the body and calm the emotions.

Use these crystals to balance and align your chakras and promote overall wellness.

Set comes in a small pouch with an information leaflet, too.

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