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Arte's Den

Crystal Care 101, Workshop, in person & online

Crystal Care 101, Workshop, in person & online

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Join Arte’s Den in learning how to take care of your crystals; because it does make a difference!

Our workshop will be held here at Arte's Den in Doncaster, DN12, and is also available online for those unable to attend in person; just let us know on the order form which way you be accessing the workshop.

Our crystals are a gift from Gaia herself and we need to treat them appropriately. If you’re just going to stick them on the windowsill gathering dust, then don’t be surprised if all they are is a dusty ornament!

We'll discuss:

  • Different ways to cleanse your crystals and why one way may be more appropriate than another. 
  • Different ways to charge your crystals; there's more to it than just sticking them out under a full moon, folks!
  • Getting to know your crystals. 
  • Setting intentions when using your crystals and why it matters. 
  • Programming your crystals and how to re-programme.

If you want to get the best out of your crystals, join us and we’ll show you how.

Any further questions? Please pop an email to

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