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Arte's Den

Crystal Healing for Beginners Workshop, in person & online

Crystal Healing for Beginners Workshop, in person & online

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You are warmly invited into the Den to unearth the fascinating world of crystal healing during our workshop aimed at beginners just like you!

Let’s discover together why these precious stones have long been revered for their healing properties and their wisdom in supporting us in a myriad of different ways.

Our workshop will be held here at Arte's Den in Doncaster, DN12, and is also available online for those unable to attend in person; just let us know on the order form which way you be accessing the workshop.

We’ll delve into:

  • Different ways that we can use crystals to help us with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Different types of crystals and how they can be used to aid healing in specific areas of our lives.
  • What to have in a starter kit and why.
  • What to avoid during this early part of your journey.

We’ll also touch on crystal grids, elixirs, as well as wands and pendulums, too but please do check out our other workshops for a deeper understanding of those areas.

Join us on this magical journey of crystal healing and unlock the many wonders of these precious stones. For any queries, please reach out to us at

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