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Hop Hare

Hop Hare Bamboo Low Socks; Runes

Hop Hare Bamboo Low Socks; Runes

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Hop Hare Bamboo Socks Low - Rune Stones; captivating design meets exceptional comfort. These socks are a testament to the mysticism, beliefs, traditions, and profound experiences associated with ancient runic symbols. 

Made of high-quality bamboo yarn.  The benefits of bamboo fibre, such as excellent moisture absorption and ventilation, help to keep feet cool, dry, and odour-free. The bamboo material also offers a silky smooth touch, making these socks a pleasure to wear.

Bamboo socks lie at the heart of the Hop Hare brand, embodying its sustainability and eco-consciousness core values. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that grows rapidly and requires minimal water, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sock materials. By choosing bamboo, Hop Hare demonstrates a commitment to preserving the planet while providing you with a luxurious and comfortable sock experience.

Enchanting design inspired by rune stones. Runic symbols have been used for centuries as a form of divination, magic, and communication with the spiritual realm. The intricate patterns and symbolic meanings of the runes create a captivating and meaningful design, evoking a sense of connection to ancient wisdom and traditions.  

The low-cut design ensures a versatile and fashionable look that pairs well with various shoe styles, from sneakers to loafers.

Made in Turkey. Composition: 70% Bamboo, 28.5% Polyamide, 1.5% Elastane.

Why bamboo socks?

- breathable

- antibacterial

- thermoregulating

- moisture wicking

- smooth toe seam

- environmentally friendly bamboo fibres

Order now and provide yourself with comfort and style that respects the planet.

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