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Hop Hare

Hop Hare Bamboo Socks; Rainbow Chakra

Hop Hare Bamboo Socks; Rainbow Chakra

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Hop Hare Bamboo Socks Low; Rainbow Chakra, the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. These socks are inspired by mysticism, beliefs, traditions, and unforgettable experiences, offering a unique fusion of style and spirituality. 

Socks with rainbow chakras, a concept derived from Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. Chakras refer to the seven energy points in the human body. Each of the rainbow chakras is considered an energy centre that is responsible for various aspects of our health and well-being.

Made of high-quality bamboo yarn.  The benefits of bamboo fibre, such as excellent moisture absorption and ventilation, help to keep feet cool, dry, and odour-free. The bamboo material also offers a silky smooth touch, making these socks a pleasure to wear.

Bamboo socks lie at the heart of the Hop Hare brand, embodying its sustainability and eco-consciousness core values. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that grows rapidly and requires minimal water, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sock materials. By choosing bamboo, Hop Hare demonstrates a commitment to preserving the planet while providing you with a luxurious and comfortable sock experience.

Made in Turkey. Composition: 70% Bamboo, 28.5% Polyamide, 1.5% Elastane.

Why bamboo socks?

- breathable

- antibacterial

- thermoregulating

- moisture wicking

- smooth toe seam

- environmentally friendly bamboo fibres

Order now and provide yourself with comfort and style that respects the planet.

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