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Hop Hare Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

Hop Hare Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

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Hop Hare Cotton Canvas Bags

These Hop Hare Affirmation Tote Bags are the perfect blend of functionality, empowerment, and a touch of magic. Each one features a powerful affirmation. 

I am Brave

A symbol of courage and empowerment. Crafted from premium cotton canvas, this tote exudes both style and strength, making it the perfect companion for any adventure. 

Emblazoned with the powerful affirmation "I am brave", this bag serves as a daily reminder to embrace bravery in every aspect of life.

The design of the Knight of Swords tarot card adorns this tote, symbolising swift action, mental clarity, and fearlessness in the face of challenges.  

I am Bright

A beacon of positivity and optimism. With its uplifting affirmation "I am bright", this tote bag empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength and wisdom. The tarot theme adds a touch of mystery and intrigue, perfect for those interested in esoteric or spiritual practices.

I am Loved

Spread love and positivity! This beautiful design showcases The Lovers tarot card, a symbol of love, relationships, and unity. The imagery of The Lovers intertwined with the message "I am loved" creates a heart-warming combination.

I am Magical

This tote exudes both style and mystique, making it the perfect accessory for those who embrace the magic within.

Featuring the empowering affirmation "I am magical", this bag serves as a daily reminder of innate power and potential.  

Adorned with the imagery of The Magician tarot card, this design symbolises manifestation, creativity, and the ability to harness the forces of the universe. 

I am Powerful

This tote isn't just an accessory; it's a declaration of strength and resilience, designed to accompany you on your journey to greatness.

This design showcases The Moon Tarot Card, a symbol of mystery, intuition, and the subconscious mind. The moon's connection to the tides reflects the vast potential within us. Paired with the affirmation "I am powerful", this tote bag empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength and wisdom. 

I am Rare

This thought-provoking design showcases The Devil tarot card, often associated with temptation, duality, and shadow selves. However, The Devil can also represent personal power and the unconventional path.

The message "I am rare" complements this interpretation, celebrating individuality and the courage to be different. 

I am Strong

"I am Strong" is prominently displayed alongside The Lion tarot card design. This combination serves as a daily reminder of courage and resilience, resonating with those seeking strength and inspiration.

Made from sustainable cotton canvas.



Height: 42cm

Length: 39cm

Width: 13cm

Handle length: 30cm

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