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Hop Hare Jute Pouch

Hop Hare Jute Pouch

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Hop Hare Jute Pouch

These charming Hop Hare Pouches are a delightful way to store makeup, toiletries, or any other small essentials. Handcrafted from all-natural jute fibres, it boasts a rustic elegance that complements any style. 

What truly sets these pouches apart are the powerful message they convey; which affirmation will you choose?

These could make an excellent gift as part of a hamper, too!

I am Brave

A symbol of courage and empowerment. 

I am Bright

A beacon of positivity and optimism. 

I am Loved

Spread love and positivity! A symbol of love, relationships, and unity. 

I am Magical

A daily reminder of the magic you hold within.

I am Powerful

A declaration of strength and resilience, designed to accompany you on your journey to greatness.

I am Rare

The Devil tarot card, often associated with temptation, duality, and shadow selves. However, The Devil can also represent personal power and the unconventional path. This enchanting pouch is a daily reminder to embrace what makes you unique. 

I am Strong

A daily reminder of courage and resilience, resonating with those seeking strength and inspiration.

The spacious interior with a secure zipper closure keeps everyday essentials safe.

Measuring 19cm x 12.4cm, it's perfect for storing a variety of items, from makeup and toiletries to tech accessories and keepsakes.

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