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Laced Gemstone Flat Point Pendant - Red Jasper

Laced Gemstone Flat Point Pendant - Red Jasper

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The flat point design, sleek and modern, beautifully complements the deep and earthy hues of Red Jasper. Known for its rich red colour and natural patterns, Red Jasper exudes strength, courage, and a connection to the Earth. It is believed to provide stability, enhance vitality, and promote emotional balance.

Each Red Jasper Flat Point Pendant is laced, allowing the gemstone's natural beauty to shine through. The addition of an adjustable string ensures a comfortable and customised fit.

*Due to the nature of crystals, the piece you receive will not be exactly like the picture*

Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer".

Red Jasper is gently stimulating. It grounds and provides insight into difficult situations, bringing to light issues before they become too big. It calms emotions and when placed under a pillow, can help with dream recall. 


Opaque, patterned, deep red, sometimes with with black or white veins. 

Which Chakra can I use Red Jasper on?

Typically used with the Root Chakra.

Healing uses

It helps to detoxify the lower organs. It helps bring to light anything that is blocking your path, such as disempowering beliefs. A calming crystal for the emotions. 

What do Arte's Den like to use Red Jasper for?

Arte's Den likes to use Red Jasper for working with the Root Chakra during healing sessions. 

For a deeper dive into Crystals and their healing properties, Arte's Den would recommend "The Crystal Bible (Vol 1-3) by Judy Hall".

String length: approximately 33cm

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