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Laced Gemstone Hexagon Pendant - Howlite

Laced Gemstone Hexagon Pendant - Howlite

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The hexagon shape, symbolising balance and harmony, beautifully complements the pure and calming appearance of White Howlite. Known for its snow-white colour with delicate grey veining, White Howlite exudes a sense of tranquillity and mindfulness. It is believed to promote relaxation, patience, and emotional healing.

Each White Howlite Hexagon Pendant is meticulously laced, allowing the gemstone's natural beauty to shine through. Additionally, the adjustable string offers a comfortable and personalised fit for the wearer.

*Due to the nature of crystals, the piece you receive will not be exactly like the picture*

String length: approximately 44 cm

More About Howlite

Howlite is an extremely calming stone and it helps with insomnia when placed under the pillow, especially if the insomnia is caused by an overactive mind. It can also be great for insomnia when used in an elixir one hour before bed.


White and marbled but can also be blue or green; it is often artificially coloured. 

Which Chakra can I use Howlite on?

Typically used with the Third Eye Chakra. 

Healing uses

Howlite links into the spiritual dimensions, opening attunement and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insight. 

Psychologically, Howlite teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage as well as uncontrolled anger. 

Price is per necklace; necklace chosen intuitively at random and may not be pictured.

For a deeper dive into Crystals and their healing properties, Arte's Den would recommend "The Crystal Bible (Vol 1-3) by Judy Hall".

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