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Lepidolite Generator

Lepidolite Generator

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Generator Points help to amplify and direct energy and so it's really beneficial to use the correct one when setting intentions and when you have a specific aim or desired outcome. 

Single point generators have six facets which meet equally in a sharp point. Regardless of their size, this powerful crystal is the optimum shape for generating energy. Generator crystals optimise healing energies; they aid focus and clarify of intention. 

About Lepidolite

It carries only positive energy and serves the highest purpose. It's a calming stone which can help you stand on your own without the influence of others. It can help help to break old patterns.


Lepidolite has purple or pink flaky layers, with a silvery sheen. Plate like layers.

Which Chakra can I use Lepidolite on?

Typically used with the Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras. 

Healing uses

Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good. It clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness. It can help with shamanic or spiritual journeying. It can help tune you into thoughts and feelings from other lives which may be creating a blockage for you in this life. 

Lepidolite naturally contains lithium which is used in anti-anxiety medication making it a good choice for those seeking support with anxiety. 

Approx size: 9cm x 2cm

Price is per generator; generator chosen intuitively at random and may not be pictured.

For a deeper dive into Crystals and their healing properties, Arte's Den would recommend "The Crystal Bible (Vol 1-3) by Judy Hall".

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