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Arte's Den

Making and Using Crystal Grids, Workshop, in person & online

Making and Using Crystal Grids, Workshop, in person & online

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Embark on a mystical voyage with Arte's Den and discover the art of Crystal Grids. Whether in person or through the portals of… Zoom, join us in uncovering the wonders of these wonderful energetic tools.

Crystal grids are a very popular way to work with crystals and are one of the most common ways to do so. Often, a specific sacred geometric pattern is used but other types of arrangements work, too.

Two examples of the sacred geometry include the Torus and the Flower of Life which we’ll delve into during the workshop.

When using a crystal grid, it creates a natural energetic flow and optimises the energies from the crystals therefore amplifying your intentions.

During this workshop we'll explore:

  • Different types of crystal grids to make, e.g. a cleansing grid.
  • What to include in crystals grids; TLDR: it's not just crystals!
  • Methods to create the grid.
  • Crystals to use.
  • Different types of grids to use, e.g. Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube etc.

To unravel the mysteries of crystal grids, join us on this magical journey. For any queries, please reach out to us at

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