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Arte's Den

Online Healing Circle

Online Healing Circle

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You are warmly invited (virtually!) into the Den!

Join us in circle to send healing out into the world. The devastation and suffering that we are witnessing and that our siblings are experiencing is beyond measure. The world feels divided and it can make us feel hopeless and powerless. 

This is a collective effort to sit in a virtual circle and offer out our combined healing energies into the world; to share what power we do have.

Arte will lead the session by talking through ways to send our healing light outward; together we are stronger. You are welcome to take part if you would like to share any words with the group and offer healing insight; however, this is not expected nor mandatory and you can keep your cameras off and mic muted.

We would recommend a quiet space but come as you are; offering the healing is the important part and not the picture perfect setting.

**A note on the donation charge**

Please note that there is a donation charge for this session; all monies will be donated between Medical Aid for Palestinians which you can learn more about here and Palestine Children's Relief Fund here. We will post the receipt of the donations once we have paid them on. 

You are welcome to contact Arte's Den if you would still like to attend but money is a barrier; your healing contribution is welcome regardless of financial input. However, the fee is in place, not to be a barrier, but to support with financial aid on one hand, and to prevent the session being disrupted by those who would cause harm on the other. In the unlikely event that the session is disrupted in this manner, at least they will have still contributed financially to the cause and we will overcome because our love is stronger than their hate. You can choose your donation being £5.00-£30.00. 

Zoom Details

The Zoom details to access this session will be sent via email. We'd recommend that you download Zoom in advance if you haven't already got it. 

Any further questions? Please pop an email to

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