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Orthoceras was an ancient mollusc that lived around 400 million years ago which makes it an excellent time-link. It was an early relative of the Ammonite and a member of the Nautiloid family, they had a long, straight, conical shell. It helps to bring mental stability, wisdom and focus.


Black and grey/whites in a tear drop shape. Smooth on the top side.

Which Chakra can I use Orthoceras on?

Typically used with the Sacral, Root and Earth Chakras. 

Healing uses

Orthoceras is a powerful grounding aid like all fossils, making it excellent for ancestral healing as it connects to your origins and ancestral line. It's excellent when used to explore and resolve the past, including past/other lives. 

What do Arte's Den like to use Orthoceras for?

Orthoceras is a firm staple in our crystal healing kit and one that we use more often than not; we love its grounding energy and and its aid to supporting ancestral healing.

Sizes vary; typically around 6-7cm long.

Price is per piece; each piece is chosen intuitively at random and may not be pictured. Pictures shown to illustrate sizes.

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