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Spiritual Expansion Crystal Set

Spiritual Expansion Crystal Set

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The Spiritual Expansion Crystal Set is perfect for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and connection with the divine. Each crystal in this set has its own unique properties and abilities.

Celestite is a powerful spiritual stone that can help promote psychic ability and connect you with the spirit realm. Celestite can also help strengthen your higher-self, fortifying your sense of purpose and reminding you of your higher purpose.

Lepidolite clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness, making it ideal for shamanic or spiritual journeying.

Selenite is a very high-vibrational stone; it is calming and instills deep peace and is perfect for meditation and spiritual work. It opens the higher chakras to the spiritual and angelic dimensions helping to develop wisdom and visionary ability.

Clear Quartz is versatile and highly programmable, aiding in spiritual growth and protecting against negativity.

Amethyst is an extremely protective and powerful crystal with a high spiritual vibration. It is a protective crystal that transmutes energy into love and guards against psychic attack.

Finally, Green Kyanite is good for all spiritual pursuits and is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of higher frequency energies. It is excellent for meditation and attunement, connecting with spirit guides and instilling compassion.

Together, these crystals create a powerful set for spiritual expansion and growth.

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