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Arte's Den

Stromatolite Tumblestone

Stromatolite Tumblestone

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Stromatolite was created from fossilised algae, one of the earliest life forms and believed to have created the oxygen on our planet, Stromatolite carries eternal knowledge. It helps with reading the Akashic Record. 


Brown, grey, green with swirling bands of colour.

Healing uses

An excellent support during evolutionary change. It instils flexibility and the ability to "let go". Stromatolite assists with meridian-based tapping therapies such as EFT. 

Sizes vary; typically around 2-3cm in diameter. 

Price is per crystal; crystals chosen intuitively at random and may not be pictured.

For a deeper dive into Crystals and their healing properties, Arte's Den would recommend "The Crystal Bible (Vol 1-3) by Judy Hall".

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