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Tree of Life Pendants

Tree of Life Pendants

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These exquisite pieces blend the timeless symbolism of the Tree of Life with crystal energy. They are more than just a pendant; they are a symbol of strength, protection, and wisdom. Each Tree of Life pendant is meticulously crafted, featuring intricate branches that cradle a genuine crystal.

You can choose from...


Combine the tree of life with the spiritual energy of Amethyst. The soothing purple hues of Amethyst evoke a sense of serenity and inner wisdom.

Black Agate

The beautiful grounding and protective energy of Black Agate is a symbol of strength, stability, and resilience. The deep, velvety black of Black Agate invokes a sense of grounding and protection.

Chakra - multi

The power of Chakra balancing; it's not just jewellery; it's a statement of harmony and vitality with each crystal representing a Chakra point. The delicate balance of colours creates a visually stunning piece that resonates with spiritual energy.

Clear Quartz

Choose the pure, crystalline energy of Clear Quartz; for clarity, healing, and spiritual growth. The clear, transparent beauty of Clear Quartz represents clarity of thought and intention,


Embrace the calming energy of Jade; a symbol of harmony, prosperity, and balance. The soothing green hues of Jade invoke a sense of peace and well-being.

Rose Quartz

This exquisite piece is a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and heartfelt symbolism; it's a symbol of love, compassion, and inner peace. This blush-pink crystal embodies the essence of love and healing.


Why not choose the calming and introspective energy of Sodalite; a symbol of wisdom, intuition, and self-discovery. The deep blue with white marbling of Sodalite invites inner reflection and insight.

Tiger's Eye

Combine the tree of life with the grounding energy of Tiger's Eye. The rich, golden-brown hues of Tiger Eye evoke a sense of stability and confidence.

Materials: metal, suede, crystals

Size is approx 3cm

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