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Work Your Light Oracle Card Deck

Work Your Light Oracle Card Deck

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Work Your Light Oracle card deck by Rebecca Campbell.

This beautiful 44-card oracle deck and guidebook have been created to help you light up the world with your presence . By working with its five suits and connection with your intuition, you will be able to start living a life in alignment with who you truly are. 

  • Confirmation cards give a quick hit of instant guidance.
  • Inquiry cards help you tune in to the whispers in your soul.
  • Action cards guide you on what action to take.
  • Activation cards invoke healing within you.
  • Transmission cards connect you with supportive energies.

This deck offers positive light and guidance for the user's inner self. Illustrated by Danielle Noel and beautifully presented in a matching box. 

Who is Rebecca Campbell?

Taken from Rebecca's website:

Rebecca is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including The Rose Oracle, Rise Sister Rise, Light Is the New Black, Letters To A Starseed, Work Your Light Oracle and Starseed Oracle. Rebecca is the founder of The Inner Temple Mystery School and The Sanctuary Membership.

Fascinated by the great mysteries, Rebecca answered an inner call to the sacred sites of her ancestry at the age of 18 and has had several initiatory awakening experiences ever since. A channel, Rebecca has been consciously working with the rose and other plants since 2010. Prior to sharing her visions through oracles and books, Rebecca was an award winning creative director.

H13.7cm x W10cm x D3.5cm

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